Calwell Primary School Philosophy

School Vision and Mission Statement

At Calwell Primary we strive to ensure that every child will be challenged and supported to develop their talents and skills of each child to achieve their full potential. Our goal is to provide a secure and caring environment where children, teachers and parents can work harmoniously and productively together. Children are respected and their individuality recognised, encouraged and supported. Our goal is that each child will leave Calwell Primary as a confident and articulate young person, able to contribute positively to their community.  

Calwell Primary is committed to:

  • providing a quality educational program
  • delivering a contemporary curriculum based on the core competencies and Literacy,  Numeracy and Units of Inquiry.
  • meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of its students
  • students developing self discipline with an appreciation and understanding of the needs of others
  • students developing an understanding of local and global issues
  • embedding Information Communication Technologies into teaching and learning
  • working in partnership with parents
  • the development of a learning community

The Calwell CARES Code

Caring, Attitude, Resilience, Environment and Success

Our school community is encouraged to embrace the CARES Code. The code supports and encourages students to form friendships, develop a sense of individual responsibility, build a strong sense of self-worth, seek solutions to problems and develop an enthusiasm for lifelong learning. The code helps our students to develop skills and understandings to enable them to become independent learners and successful members of the community.

Preschool Philosophy Statement

We build secure and respectful relationships by:

  • Creating a welcoming, safe and supportive environment
  • Initiating warm, trusting relationships
  • Respecting the views and feelings of each child and their family

We develop partnerships with families by:

  • Ensuring family culture and the interests of every child is understood, valued and respected
  • Actively involving  and working with families
  • Supporting significant transitions  (home/childcare to preschool and on to primary school)

 We strive to provide a high quality program to achieve positive learning outcomes by:

  • Using a child-centred, play-based approach where children explore, solve problems, communicate, think, create and construct
  • Building on prior learning, experiences, ideas, interests and cultural backgrounds
  • Maximising opportunities for every child and ensuring individual success
  • Providing a stimulating indoor/outdoor environment

We respect diversity by:

  • Celebrating individual differences
  • Supporting children to develop a sense of place, identity and a connection to the land
  • Recognising multiculturalism and the significance of home languages

 We value reflective practices and ongoing learning by:

  • Using evidence to inform planning
  • Assessing learning and responding by refining programs and teaching practices
  • Continually developing our professional knowledge and skills

The Calwell Way (a child-friendly version of our school philosophy)

  • I play – it is how I learn best
  • My teacher believes in me
  • We are a team – me, my family, my friends and my teachers
  • At preschool we celebrate who we are and what we can do
  • I can talk about and show you my learning
  • We look after each other, our belongings and the environment
  • We respect each other