Assessment and Reporting

Assessment forms a 'bridge between teaching and learning'.

There are two key forms of assessment at Calwell Primary:

Formative – Assessment for Learning

Summative – Assessment of Learning

Formative Assessment – Assessment For Learning

Formative assessment involves gathering evidence about student learning. This evidence is used by the teacher to provide feedback to the student, and to make decisions about the next step in instruction. The evidence is also used by the learner to gain an understanding of what they have achieved in relation to the learning goal and what is required to move forward. Formative assessment refers to the student and the teacher focussing on:

Key Strategies of Formative Assessment

Summative Assessment – Assessment Of Learning

Summative Assessment includes Assessment of student learning and usually takes place after teaching and measures student growth.

Standardised and Diagnostic Testing

A range of standardised and diagnostic tools are sued across the school and thsi data is used to guide teaching and learning.

Standardised Testing includes:
Diagnostic Testing includes:

Assessment of the Australian Curriculum takes place in different levels and for different purposes, including:

Implications for teaching, assessment and reporting - Australians Curriculum

Reporting Student Achievement

Teachers use the Australian Curriculum content and Achievement Standards

Teachers also use the achievement standards at the end of a period of teaching to make on-balance judgements about the quality of learning demonstrated by the students - that is, whether they have achieved below, at or above the standard. To make these judgements, teachers draw on assessment data that they have collected as evidence during the course of the teaching period. These judgements about the quality of learning are one source of feedback to students and their parents and inform formal reporting processes.


Moderation is a key step undertaken by teachers to ensure a fair and accurate appraisal of student work.

For further information on national testing, please go to Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority

Formal Reporting Timeline

Informal Reporting

Parents/Carers are welcome to make an appointment with the class teacher or a member of the executive team via the front office at any time they wish to discuss any aspect of their child's academic progress or social/emotional development.