Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum is implemented across the school at Calwell Primary from Kindergarten (Foundation) to Year 6 to ensure that the Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA 2008) are addressed. These include:

  1. Australian schooling promotes equity and excellence
  2. All young Australians become:
    • Successful learners
    • Confident and creative individuals and
    • Active and informed citizens.

Nationally the Australian Curriculum is being rolled out over several years.  Currently the school is using the published  English, Science, Mathematics, History and Geography Australian Curriculum documents which detail the essential skills, knowledge and understanding that children should gain in these areas of the curriculum.

Whilst we await for other key learning areas to be published we are also using the ACT curriculum document Every Chance to Learn to address the essential learning achievements across the other areas of the curriculum.  This includes Health and PE, The Arts, Technology and Languages.

The school focuses on the development of fundamental Literacy, Numeracy and Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills which also support successful learning outcomes in other key learning areas such as Science, History, Geography, Technology, The Arts and Health and Physical Education.


The English Curriculum aims to ensure that students progressively build essential skills, knowledge and understanding from Kindergarten to Year 6 through the development of receptive modes (listening, reading and viewing) and productive modes (speaking, writing and creating).

At Calwell Primary School we have a strong belief about the development of oral language and vocabulary with an emphasis in the early years of primary school. These aspects of literacy learning are fundamental in children becoming proficient in reading and writing and in fostering a love of literature.

We aim to do this through planning literacy outcomes for all students that are enduring and transferrable across all other areas of the curriculum.

National Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians

English Rationale - Australians Curriculum


The Mathematics Curriculum is organised around three content strands and four proficiency strands. The content strands include Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. The content is explored and developed through the proficiency strands, this is the thinking and doing of mathematics. These include Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning.

At Calwell Primary school we believe that sound development of conceptual understanding in mathematics, particularly the number strand is fundamental. A thorough understanding of number forms the building blocks for students to access all other content strands as concepts become increasingly abstract and more complex. We do this through planning learning opportunities that are practical so that skills, knowledge and understanding can be demonstrated and applied in many different contexts.

Mathematics Rationale - Australians Curriculum