Calwell CARES Culture and School Values

Our school promotes, practices and displays our CARES culture and school values. The Calwell CARES Culture and school values are separate areas of focus, however combined provide an very strong platform for the creation of a caring, supportive environment.

CARES is an acronym for Caring, Attitude, Resilience, Environment and Success.

Our school community is encouraged to embrace the CARES Culture. This culture supports and encourages students to form friendships, develop a sense of individual responsibility, care and contribute to our environment, seek solutions to problems, to bounce back after adversity, celebrate achievement and develop a thirst for learning. The culture encourages students to develop self-discipline with an appreciation and understanding of the needs of others.  It helps our students to develop skills and understandings that will enable them to become successful members of the community.

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Our school values are: Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Fairness, Democracy, Honesty, Acceptance and Friendliness.

In partnership with students, the school developed a set of agreed core values: Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, Fairness, Democracy, Honesty, Acceptance and Friendliness.  These values compliment the CARES culture and underpin the schools partnership with parents and the broader community to assist our students in becoming active, independent learners with a strong sense of self- worth and enthusiasm for lifelong learning.

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