Additional Programs

Calwell is an inclusive school that provides each student with the opportunity to succeed in learning and to reach their individual potential.

Learning Support

Students who require additional support to access the learning program receive assistance according to their needs and individual learning goals. The Student Support Team meet regularly to review the academic, social and emotional needs of all students and to guide the allocation of resources to meet these needs. 


Teachers actively seek opportunities for enrichment and encourage student participation in a wide range of learning experiences. Teacher's plan explicit learning intentions and build a number of levels of differentiation into the classroom activities. This enables students who are demonstrating skills and knowledge beyond the achievement standard for their year level to extend their learning further, developing a depth of understanding through applying their knowledge to more complex tasks. In addition to the classroom adjustments students have the opportunity to participate in activities such as Rostrum, ICAS (international Competitions and Assessment for Schools), Instrumental Music Program and Representative Sport.


The Calwell Primary School Science Program is an innovative program developed by the Australian Academy of Science linking the teaching of science with the teaching of literacy in primary schools. This program is called Primary Connections and focuses on developing students' knowledge, understanding and skills in both science and literacy.

Our units of work focus on developing students' knowledge, understanding and skills through a hands-on, inquiry-based approach. You can find out more at Primary Connections

Sport Program

Students participate in a physical education lesson once a week with a specialist PE teacher. The P-2 program is focused on teaching the essential fundamental motor skills (FMS) that are the basis for all sports. They include catch, kick, run, vertical jump, overhand throw, leap, dodge and strike. Classes are given coaching in these skills, plenty of practice time and then the skills form the basis of the cooperative and team games that these year levels play.

The Yrs 3-6 program extends on students' knowledge of the FMS and utilises them in sport specific experiences. The classes focus on a different sport approximately every 5 weeks and include sports such as volleyball, basketball, oz tag, soccer, cricket and t-ball.

The school also holds annual swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals.The school has a P.E. representative on the Tuggeranong PSSA committee and supports students participating in Tuggeranong and ACT District Carnivals. 

Calwell Primary liaises with local clubs and sporting associations to incorporate their expertise and promote further skills development. This is provided as in-school clinics, after school programs or by advertising club registration days through the newsletter.

Senior students can participate in an Active Aussies program that assists their leadership development through the sport borrowing program and organising and officiating at recess and/or lunch sport. This program builds student confidence and promotes physical activity during break times.

School teams regularly participate in various sporting clubs gala days and are the currently runners up in the ACT region for Year 3 /4 Rugby League and Year 5/6 Buroinjin. The avenue allows for our more competitive athletes to be seen by selectors in the chosen sport, gain more skills in the competitive environment, and display the Calwell Cares and our Calwell values out in the community.

Outdoor Education Program

The Outdoor Education program follows a planned program of age appropriate activities, excursions and camps. Excursions greatly enhance a child's educational experience and teachers are encouraged to integrate these into class programs where appropriate.  Each year a school  camp is arranged for the year 3 /4 students to Birrigai.  A year 5/6  camp is held at Jindabyne, Cooba or Warrumbui. 

Ukelele Band Program

A Ukelele Band Program for students in years 5 & 6 is offered by the school through the Education Directorates Instrumental Band Program. The band program is not part of the core curriculum provided at Calwell Primary and as such is a 'user pays' extra- curricular program. There are 24 places available in each band.  Students who accept an offer of place must be prepared to give a two year commitment to the band.  An annual fee is charged to the school by the Directorates Instrumental Band Program.  The band levy which families of participating students agree to pay at the commencement of the two year program covers the cost incurred by the school to enable this program to be offered as well as the instrument hirer costs.