School Vision

At Calwell Primary School we strive to ensure that every child will be nurtured, supported and challenged to develop their talents and skills to their full potential, develop a strong sense of belonging to and ownership of our school and contribute to building a safe and welcoming school environment. Our goal is to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, caring and respectful young people.

Children are respected and their individuality recognised, encouraged and supported. We work together as a community to provide a secure and caring environment where children, teachers and parents can work harmoniously and productively together. Our hope is that each child will leave Calwell primary as a confident and articulate young person able to contribute positively to their community.   

Calwell Primary School is committed to:

  • providing every child with the opportunity to reach their potential by meeting their academic, social and emotional needs
  • providing a quality educational program based on the core competencies of Literacy and Numeracy
  • students developing an understanding of local and global issues though the study of relevant and engaging Units of Inquiry
  • embedding Information Communication Technologies into teaching and learning
  • students developing self-esteem and self-discipline with an appreciation and understanding of the needs of others
  • working in partnership with parents to develop a learning community