Playground Management

Stage 1

Restorative Questions

What happened? Who was harmed?

What needs to happen to resolve the issue or repair the harm?

Stage 2

Walk with teacher/timeout area

If the issue cannot be immediately resolved ask the student to walk with you for a while or have them sit in a timeout area.

Stage 3

On Notice Slip

An On Notice Slip is now completed and passed on to the class teacher. This must be recorded on the tracking grid. When 3 on notice slips are given to a student the class teacher informs the student to attend The Zone the following day.

Stage 4

Attend The Zone

An Attend The Zone slip is completed for significant violence, non-compliance, harassment etc. The student attends The Zone the following day.

Stage 5

Red Card

Please send the red HELP card to the front office if immediate assistance is required.  Example: First Aid Emergency, High-level violent incident.

Stage 6

Playground Passports/Contracts

  1. The student and an executive teacher will agree upon the period of exclusion from the playground
  2. This process will involve discussions with the principal, executive teacher, class teacher and parents.